Advanced Technical Screening

Client: Global Software Services Company

Our client, a global software company with over 15,000 employees, provides information, software, and technical services for a wide variety of industries. When this software company approached Softworld, they needed to build a team of three Software Engineers and two QA Engineers.

The ideal consultant for both roles would have advanced .NET development experience in a cloud environment. Additionally they needed Software Engineers who were strong with Angular JS as their current team lacked this experience. This was also a test-driven development environment running two-week sprints, so the QA Engineers needed to have solid development skills as well to keep up with the team.

The Challenge

Our client had a critical new development initiative that included new feature development and customization of their proprietary cloud-based .NET application. They had recently won a new piece of business in the financial services space, which required them to make major adjustments to the application. They did not have the technical knowledge or bandwidth in-house to launch this effort. They spent weeks interviewing candidates only to find that the majority of software engineers they spoke with simply could not back up what was listed on their resume. All the candidates looked good on paper but failed to demonstrate solid development skills in the interview. Their managers were wasting valuable time talking to the wrong candidates, and the kickoff date with their client was in jeopardy.

The Solution

After speaking with our client, we quickly realized that the project required top-end technical talent, and their candidates were not being properly screened. In addition to the multiple technical interviews our senior recruiters perform, we are also able to provide an online testing platform for Software Engineering positions. Working with the managers, we created a number of online Code Challenges that Softworld administered prior to presenting candidates to our client. The challenge required actually coding, in an online IDE, with numerous test cases that had to be passed. Softworld set a minimum passing score, and sent both the resume and code, when presenting candidates that passed.

The Success

Seventy five percent of candidates failed the coding challenge and were never presented for consideration to our client. This saved them weeks of interviewing. Softworld interviewed the software engineers and QA engineers who did pass, and presented the best of that group to our client to be interviewed. Of the candidates that made it through our process, over half of them received job offers from our client. They were able to get the talent they needed for the project in the most efficient way possible. The kick-off date was met!