Wherever engineering talent is needed, Pivotal delivers.

Aerospace. Agricultural Equipment. Automotive. Civil / Architectural.
Commercial / Consumer. Construction Equipment. Energy & Power.
Heavy Vehicle. Marine. Medical / Medical Device. Military / DOD.
Mining. Nuclear. Oil & Gas. Semiconductor. Wireless.

Short-term staff augmentation. Full-time hires. Outsourced project solutions. Our commitment is to find the right technical professionals for every client and project…and the right project for every technical professional.

Why choose Pivotal?

Exceptional Technical Talent.

As a result of our unique engineering recruiting engine and 15+ years of engineering staffing expertise, Pivotal is able to deliver superior technical talent more consistently than anyone else.

Faster Delivery.

Because of our proactive approach to sourcing and deep talent networks, we are able to fill engineering job openings faster than our competitors — typically in 24 to 48 hours.

Headache-free Experience.

We only employ highly experienced engineering recruiters, which means our clients don’t need to constantly rehash their business goals and challenges with a new recruiter, and they only receive short-list caliber candidates. We eliminate waste in the hiring process and make hiring easier and more efficient.

Productivity and Performance.

Because we are better able to assess each candidate’s technical skills and industry knowledge, we are able to match the right people to the right engineering projects.

Nationwide Reach.

Our search for engineering talent doesn’t end with your zip code. We search nationwide for professionals with the precise skills and experience your project requires and facilitate the relocation process.